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#12764975 Oct 06, 2016 at 10:12 PM
Hamster Lover
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Hey Team Fencebane!

I'm stuck I have the opportunity to spend Hurricane Matthew with my family and as such can't log on for the time being and I'm jonesing for game time.

My purpose in posting this is to highlight the strengths and drawbacks of my dearest DPS class.

In terms of a recruiting poster, I imagine one for the Great Weapon Fighter would look like this:

"Hey Adventurer! Curious about rolling a new character that feels weak early on but turns into a veritable force of nature when you hit Level 70? Enjoy seeing your name at the top of damage boards? Like killing things so quickly that when your guild mates finally catch up to you they can only wipe the mobs from the bottom of their shoes while you sprint to the next mob of unlucky sword-magnets? Roll a Great Weapon Fighter today!"

So that isn't a great (thank you) recruiting write-up but you get the gist. GWF is made for one thing: Pure DPS. Digging into the various GWF encounters and feats, most of them center on increasing the GWF's power, damage, resisitance ignored (RI). If you're new to MMO's or new to Neverwinter, maybe you're wondering how GWF fits into the mix of DPS or Tank.

Make no mistake: Our class absolutely should focus on DPS and not tanking. There's a reason the Paladin and Guardian Fighter exist. Aside from tickling enemies and generally being real huggy with them, they can properly tank mobs and bosses with unmatched survivability.

That rad picture I made shows the sliding scale of being one or the other, or mediocre at both (Tanking or DPS). Don't let me keep you from playing a GWF however you like! Just know that you'd be binding the wings of our bloodthirsty savage by putting any extra emphasis on tanking ability of doing straight damage.

Secondary to this is that GWF has, as a class feature, Unstoppable, which increases the rate of attack for your GWF, reduces at-will damage, increases encounter damage, adds health depending on how much Determination we have and generally makes you, uh, unstoppable. At Level 70 we can use Unstoppable almost as much as we want and we don't need to focus on trying to be a hybrid tank/dps. Just kill things, it's what we do.

Now that I've beat to death the point that we should focus on doing damage, a few other selling points of the GWF:

  • Because of the classes damage output, it is MUCH easier to solo (pre-Level 70) content over other classes. Obviously any class can solo but the GWF can do it without trying, without even THINKING about it.
  • Mechanically, the class is very straightforward. I don't buy that our class is very special to play or that it takes a lot of thinking. We don't stand in the red zones, we move around to gain combat advantage, we never stop swinging our weapon to do damage. That's it. We can't really heal (there IS an ability that shares up to 1000hp to yourself and nearby party members on critical hits but it only procs every 3 seconds. 20,000hp "healed" over a minute isn't very helpful.) so we can simply focus on our role as main beater-upper.
  • Thanks to the above points, I feel GWF is by far the most forgiving and easiest class to get into for Neverwinter and most MMOs. We don't have to be super picky about gear to do reasonably well and because we're fairly hardy and can punch back we can get out of pickles.

That's all for part 1, gotta check on the vehicles and help convince kids to sleep.
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